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Word List Creator 4.2

Word List Creator 4.2: Build vocabulary, create word lists, get help with word games, and much more! Quickly create word lists from files and websites. Sort words by frequency. Solve anagrams and get hints for word games like scrabble. Analyze texts. Discover language patterns. Create and analyze parallel texts. Produce words lists based on word endings like `ing` or `tion`. Compare two different texts for similiarities and differences. Use regular expressions to parse specific text and patterns. View common English sight words. etc. etc.

TextTransformer 1.7.5: Text analyze, extraction, transformation workbench
TextTransformer 1.7.5

TextTransformer can analyze texts and transform them. For this you have to write simple rules describing the structure of the source text and determining how the parts it shall be transformed to the target text. A single rule for example is enough to make multiple replacements of words. Existing examples can be modified to achieve quick results. Every change can be tested immediately. For this, the TextTransformer allows stepwise transformations

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Majorware PDF to Text Converter you can convert any number of PDF files to text files at one time.
Majorware PDF to Text Converter

Majorware Convert PDF to Text software does extract text from PDF files, Majorware Convert PDF to Text is a standalone application, it does NOT need Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader software. Majorware Convert PDF to Text processes at high speed and you can convert any number of PDF files to text files at one time.

easy, pdftotxt, extraction, text, pdf3txt, accurate

MS Word Word Count & Frequency Statistics Software 7.0: Find frequency of each word in one or more MS Word files.
MS Word Word Count & Frequency Statistics Software 7.0

This software offers a versatile solution for users who need to analyze documents for word frequency. Simply add files to queue individually, by folder, or by drag-and-drop. The output gives word counts either for all files together or for individual files separately. This software will help you analyze keyword usage for web advertising and quantify editorial suggestions with ease. Results are saved in text or MS Excel format. Word 2000 or higher

statistics, documents, most commonly, file, occurence, vocab, analyze digitized texts, program, order, tool, list, repeated, letter

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Visendo Analyzer Professional 1.0

Visendo Analyzer is designed to analyze almost any logfile, independently of the source data format. You can analyze webserver logfiles as well as databases, eventlogs or other text-sources and create useful graphical reports. The universal analysis module gives you the ability to create your own analysis rules to analyze everything as you want. It`s web based and runs on the Microsoft ASP.NET platform. So you can access it from any computer.

internet, visendo analyzer, net analyzer, ppedv, log chart, visendo, log analysis, logfiles, server software, netanalyzer

Mergemill Pro 4.8: Versatile data cleansing, web log analytics, and static website tool.
Mergemill Pro 4.8

analyze website traffic logs to obtain crucial web stats, do survey by email without a website, automate the conversion of text file formats and character encodings, monitor web page changes automatically, send customized and personalized emails to opt-in lists, turn web text, emails and generated content into speech, extract important web data at scheduled times, migrate data between databases, and freely test and learn powerful regular expressions

static website generator, data cleansing tool, text data format converter, email survey software, log file analyzer

Sim Restore 5.0.1: Recover lost SIM card data like text SMS, phone numbers from your mobile phone.
Sim Restore 5.0.1

Sim Restore Software recovers unreadable and encrypted text messages that are corrupted through viruses. Sim card data restoration software reads GSM sim of any country and any network services. Restore SIM Card SMS Utility can recover deleted SMS data and used to acquire and analyze data from cell phones. Mobile phone data recovery software recover deleted text sms messages restore lost contact address phone book.

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